Izzy Azeri: Effectively Monitoring Cloud Native Applications

June 14, 2018 brightideastv

Izzy Azeri: Effectively Monitoring Cloud Native Applications

YouTube:  Telecast on 6/21/2018, 11:30 AM EDT, 8:30 AM PDT

Applications in the cloud are becoming THE way to deliver software to end users. But, cloud applications are hard to monitor. Or, at least they were until Izzy Azeri and his colleagues came up with Stackdriver. Stackdriver is Google’s way of keeping an eye on application activity in its cloud. It’s an important, transformational technology. Izzy will be on hand to tell us all about how he thought it up!

About Izzy Azeri

Izzy Azeri is the co-founder of mabl, an ML-driven automated testing software company which he founded in 2017. Previously, he was Co-founder of Stackdriver, an intelligent-infrastructure monitoring company which was successfully sold to Google in 2014 where he joined as Senior Product Manager. Previously, Izzy held senior leadership positions at large tech companies including EMC and VMware. In addition, Izzy serves on the Board of Directors of Opsgenie, Inc, and CSP, Inc (NASDAQ CSPI).