Jacob Smith: Hardware as an Innovation Layer

July 26, 2018 Bob Reselman

Jacob Smith: Hardware as an Innovation Layer

YouTube:  Telecast on 7/27/2018, 5:00 PM AM EDT, 2:00 PM PDT


With Moore’s Law truly dead, the emergence of accelerators (GPU’s, Smart NICs, etc) is converging with a massive increase in the size of computing workloads. But with only 10-15 “hyperscale” companies managing most of the world’s IT infrastructure, how will new models and competitors emerge? Jacob Smith, Senior Vice President at Packet describes the problem in detail and offers insights into the emergence of hardware as an are of innovation.

About Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith is co-founder and SVP of Engagement at Packet, where he is responsible for over 15,000 users, outreach to the developer community, and extending the company’s brand. Prior to Packet he had a 15 year career that spanned classical music (playing the bassoon in the opera) and running a digital marketing company. He lives in Vermont with his wife, two kids, and BBQ.