Kathy Perkins: Person Centric Approach to Voice Acting

July 17, 2018 brightideastv

Kathy Perkins: Person-Centric Approach to Voice Acting

YouTube:  Telecast on 7/20/2018, 6:00 PM AM EDT, 3:00 PM PDT


In this episode of BrightIdeas.TV, noted voice actress, Kathy Perkins shares the details of her technique for voice acting. The Person Centric approach is one in which the actor uses his or her imagination to “pick a person” to talk to and then plays to the imagined person. Person-Centric voice acting has proven successful for many actors and actresses working in film, television, and radio.

About Kathy Perkins

Kathy Perkins in an experienced voice actress based in Los Angeles. Her work includes being voice double for Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever and the  Baskin Robbin’s talking spoon. Kathy has directed the 100 voice kid’s choir, appearing at The Hollywood Bowl, 3 years running.  She has voiced and appeared in over 200 commercials and tv and radio appearances.